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Do you have trouble sleeping? Perhaps your sleep is interrupted or maybe you toss and turn for hours before you finally drift off to sleep.

Do your muscles ache after working out or do you always feel tired, no matter how much shuteye you get each night?

These can be symptoms of a magnesium deficiency, something that many Australians suffer from and don’t even know about! Magnesium is a vital mineral that everyone needs for optimal health and wellbeing so to get your sleep, muscles and energy levels back on track, why not try our SWIISH WELLNESS Organic Magnesium Oil?

Not only is it 100% organic, vegan and made right here in Australia (South Australia, to be exact) but it comes in a perfectly sized 125ml bottle and is super simple to use.

Simply apply to affected areas and massage a small amount into your skin. For maximum absorption, apply daily to your whole body and rinse off any residue with water after 30 minutes. In this short time, your skin will start to absorb the oil and your body and overall wellbeing will reap the benefits. To relax and restore your body, you can also add it to your bath. We recommend patch testing before use.

Note: a tingling sensation can occur, which is normal for some individuals so  if needed just dilute with water. Avoid applying to open wounds or sensitive areas.

Tip: for extra absorption, try rubbing the magnesium oil onto the soles of your feet before you go to sleep. The feet are the most absorptive part of the body and are incredibly receptive to the oil.

The facts:

Our SWIISH WELLNESS Organic Magnesium Oil is pure, concentrated magnesium oil made from organically sourced magnesium chloride with a 4-year maturation. We only use the purest of Australian organically certified ingredients and this oil is unscented and is made purely from natural elements. Each batch is scientifically tested for magnesium content during each bottling run to ensure that it is of the highest strength and quality.


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